Research & Development

As a member of the Otsuka group, Astex shares the global vision of a commitment to creativity and innovation through the discovery, development and commercialization of new products and innovative solutions for better health worldwide.

Our research and development teams utilize our cutting edge technology platform in the relentless pursuit of innovative solutions that address the extensive and complex challenges in oncology and diseases of the CNS.

We have a robust and promising clinical pipeline of oncology products and are in the early stages of building a CNS product portfolio of novel therapeutics for defined neurodegenerative disease populations.

As a leader in innovative small-molecule drug discovery, we have established a strong portfolio of proprietary and partnered molecularly targeted drug products in clinical development.

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We are accelerating new breakthroughs in oncology and in neuroscience research through our discovery programs and collaborative, open innovation approach.

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New small molecule targeted therapies are generated using our proprietary Fragment Based Drug Discovery platform, Pyramid™.

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Our Sustaining Innovation Postdoctoral Training Programs are important in enhancing our in-house research capabilities and scientific culture.

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We operate from two main sites

Cambridge, UK
Our drug discovery research headquarters, housing a world-class team of drug discovery research and preclinical development scientists.

San Francisco, US
Our experienced, global oncology clinical and product development teams are located at our US headquarters in the Bay area.