Our Mission & Values

Our corporate mission is to discover and develop novel therapeutics with a primary focus in cancer and a developing focus in CNS disorders.

We will accomplish this mission through the creation and development of a proprietary pipeline of novel therapeutics.

We plan that our products will be commercialized through Otsuka operating subsidiaries in the major markets worldwide.

As a member of the Otsuka family, we embrace the Otsuka values of “JISSHO” (Actualization) and “SOZOSEI” (Creativity)

Monuments embodying the Otsuka Group philosophy

Giant Tomato Trees

The giant tomato tree that covers the entire ceiling of the hall at Otsuka in Tokushima, Japan, can produce more than 10,000 fruit per year, as a result of maximizing the fruit-producing potential through hydroponics that frees the roots from normal soil. The tomato tree is symbolic of employing new ideas to draw out potential.

Bent Giant Cedar

This piece features the trunk of a giant cedar that is deeply bent instead of being typically straight, with the trunk of a second cedar crossing on top of it. The delicately balanced piece—which at first glance appears unstable—was strong enough to withstand magnitude 5 tremors during the Great Hanshin Earthquake in Japan in 1995. The piece speaks to the idea that appearances may reveal something completely different.

Floating Stones

This water garden features large stones that appear to miraculously float on a wide expanse of water, including some that seem to droop. The garden at Otsuka in Tokushima, Japan was created to capture and enrich the spirit of the people who look at it, and to free the mind for contemplation. The piece teaches us the importance of switching ideas and thinking beyond the conventional.